Charge up your F‑150 Lightning®

It’s time to install your Ford Charge Station Pro

Ford Charge Station Pro

Ford Charge Station Pro

Ford's fastest EV charger is an installation away

Home Integration System

Home Integration System

Power your home with your F-150 Lightning®

Solar panel

Solar Panel System

Plug into the power of the sun

Sunrun Perks

Sunrun technician installing the Ford Charge Station Pro

Plan ahead

Ready to set up the Ford Charge Station Pro? Sunrun is the only provider that can start installation before your F-150 Lightning® arrives.

Sunrun technician installing the Sunrun Home Integration System

Stand up to outages

The first-of-its-kind Home Integration System transfers energy from your F-150 Lightning® to your home during power outages.

Go Solar

Abundant energy and savings

Upgrade your installation with a Home Solar system. We offer financing options to suit your needs.

Did you know?

An average solar home generates about 9,000 kWh of electricity each year. That’s enough to power one of the below:

Miles Driven in a F-150 Lightning®
Loads of Laundry Washed and Dried
Smartphones Charged

Why Sunrun

Run to the future with energy for life

The days of depending on an aging power grid for electricity are over. We’re simplifying how you fuel your world by providing cleaner, renewable solutions.



Congrats on being ahead of the curve! Your system should continue to operate as you're used to. Keep in mind that your electricity usage is likely to increase from charging your Ford F-150 Lightning®. To offset this, you may want to add additional solar panels, which your solar consultant can help advise you on.

While your system will continue to operate as is, we're not able to connect the Ford Charge Station Pro, Home Integration System, or additional panels to a previously installed system. They will work as two separate, yet highly functional, systems.

Ford F-150 Lightning® customers can choose any installation provider of their choice.* Home Integration System hardware is required to enable Ford Intelligent Backup Power and will be available for purchase without Sunrun installation. Home Integration System must be installed by a licensed electrician.

*Customer incurs additional liability by coordinating their own installer

Yes, the Ford Charge Station Pro uses an industry-standard CCS1 Charge Cord connector, which is compatible with all Ford and many other manufacturers' all-electric vehicles.

The Home Integration System, however, is currently only compatible with the F-150 Lightning®.

Sunrun home solar systems function as an alternative to traditional grid power so they are compatible with any properly installed EV charger.

Yes, Sunrun is the preferred installer for Ford and has the ability to install Ford chargers and equipment that enables Ford Intelligent Backup Power in advance of your vehicle arriving at your dealership (subject to availability).

Ford Intelligent Backup Power enables the F-150 Lightning® to provide backup power to your home. This feature is included in all F-150 Lightning® orders with the extended-range battery. Utilizing this feature to power your home requires proper installation of a Ford Charge Station Pro and Home Integration System. Sunrun is the exclusive provider of the Home Integration System and the preferred installer of the Ford Charge Station Pro. With this additional hardware installed at your home, the F-150 Lightning® will automatically provide backup power to your home whenever the truck is charged and plugged in.*

*When home is properly equipped and the F-150 Lightning® is plugged into the Ford Charge Station Pro.